Candles, candles ... candles and weddings

Making candles and selling candles are our goal. After years of making tombstones candles, we decided to try to make candles used in indoor spaces. The process of making candles and selling candles that set more standards in the production process is a big challenge.

”Svijeće Špoljar j.d.o.o.”, has taken over the ITEL business since 1996. We produce candles for various occasions (weddings, baptisms, various anniversaries, interior decoration and romantic atmosphere). In our production program, there are over 150 different models of cast candles that we are able to produce in more than 2000 shades of various colors. Priority is the ultimate customer, so all sales are done directly without intermediaries. For creators and hobbyists, we have developed the sale of basic sparkling raw material and special waxes. Production of tombstones candles is also part of our production.


Where to create personalized candles

Although we are not aware of many important moments in our way of life, they are marked by a seemingly simple human hand made- candle. When you think, candle is an indispensable part of ceremony, mourning, meditation, aromatherapy – precisely because it creates a pleasant and soothing atmosphere. It adapts to our needs as it makes it the “subject” we all have home – for every reason.